About Me

My name is Erika. I recently graduated from Harvard and am unintentionally and unwillingly exploring the existential qualities of being unemployed with two humanities degrees. This blog is the result of said unemployment. I live in Montréal Québec with my girlfriend Rachelle and our cat Boob.

I am a vegan cook, blogger, activist, social media dabbler, political and cultural commentator, and connoisseur of all things delicious and vegan in this wonderful wintery city, as well as its neighbouring vegan treasure-holes (check out my reviews from Boston, Toronto, and Ottawa). That said, this blog isn’t just about veganism; look for upcoming rants and railings on green living, friperie (français for vintage/used) fashion, travel, work, do-gooding, contests, recipes, politics, feminism, gay culture, and more.

I am a femme (fr), a femme, and a feminist who loves to eat, and eat well, is concerned about and has great love for our animal friends, and I care about our planet. As a feminist, I care about oppression in all forms, and see my queer-feminist-vegan identities as mutually affirming politics. This blog brings all of these identities and concerns together, although I don’t promise them all at the same time. In my study of ethics, I have come to consider deeply the ethical implications of food, meat as food, women as meat, and both as objects of violence in our society. I hope to share some of these thoughts as time progresses.

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Welcome to Veggie Femmes and Bon Appetit!


Note: If you would like to contribute to Veggie Femmes or collaborate in another way please email me at veggiefemmes@gmail.com


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