The marriage debate and vegan homophobia

Much has been made of weddings in the news lately (just incase you have been hiding under a rock and don’t know!). Yes that is right, the country is up in arms regarding the latest afront to traditional weddings, the leftist takeover of traditional American values, and the media has been unrelenting in their coverage! The New York Times has been blazing the trail in their coverage as the news has unfolded. Yes, I am talking of course, about vegan weddings. Apparently lesbos have some feelings about veganism. Apparently, so does the rest of the world. But just like your purported gayness, their feelings might not jive with your purported veganism. Surprise, surprise.

Coinciding with the overturning of prop 8 in California was Chealsea Clinton’s purported vegan wedding cake and menu and the weeks of subsequent debate has garnered almost more attention than that other tiny little marriage debate in that tiny little state of California. This one centers around whether it is ok to serve meat at a vegan wedding, or, articulated differently more like the a-holes these writers are, is it fair NOT to serve meat at the wedding of a vegan? Is it an affront to guests? Imagine! A cake is not only newsworthy and controversial, but anti-american too! And how dare a couple impose their deepest held beliefs on the people they feeding and who are attending the celebration of their couplehood? But, really, I understand where they are coming from. If we make them be vegans at our weddings, the next thing you know we’ll make all of our guests be gay – you know, our deepest held belief – at our weddings too! Of course we’d have to be able to get married first.

Well @vegansaurus chirped into the convo and let all the other newsmongerers know whatizzup.

I don’t really see why it’s so hard for the vegans getting married to lay down the fucking law and tell people what’s what in the same way all couples tell people what the dress code is or where to sit, and I don’t see why it is apparently such an offense to ask a meat-eater to eat a single vegan meal. Are all meat-eaters such huge whiny babies, or just the ones who write/comment on the The Times, Gawker, and Jezebel? Do their moms still cut the crusts off their bread for them? What do they do when the vending machine is out of their favorite beef jerky? How the fuck do they survive when they are only able to function when every single thing in the universe is perfectly tailored to their preferences?

Also, @VegNews recently ran a cover story on vegan weddings, including a nice little homophobic rant in the comments by a real nice lady named Lorraine who feels that “people have the right to love whoever they want” but is concerned that veganism is too often mistakenly associated with ‘LGBT’ (yes, she used it like that), which frankly, she thinks is “offensive”:

By Lorraine

Why is it sad that no queer weddings occurred? I feel people have the right to love whoever they want and I respect that, but this is just one more way that veganism becomes associated with LGBT, which is offensive and not always the case. Veg@News, please don’t endorse/promote gay weddings in the future. If there are, so be it- but don’t let your own personal views come in the way, evident by your comment (“we hope this changes in the future”).

Posted: Jul 26 2010 00:43AM

The post was a response to a comment asking why no queer weddings were covered in the piece which reported on six couples’ weddings. VegNews’ reply was seen by Lorraine as pandering to the gays. Damnit! I hate it when people pander to the marginalized and underrepresented who are in a battle for marriage equality and who might profit just a teeeensy little bit by coverage in not-even-mainstream-vegan-media! But hey, at least she thinks we “have the right to love whoever we want”. I think these statements, and all others like them in the genre of “I have gay friends” or “I’m not homophobic but..” or “I don’t care what they do in private but..” should be banned and I think Lorraine should have big vegan pie shoved in her pie hole.

ByVegNews Magazine

Greetings T: We hear ya! We’d love to include all types of weddings and hope people will apply for 2011. We are always inundated with vegan wedding applications, but very few, if any, are from gay couples. We hope this changes in the future.

It’s funny. After scanning the article, my first thought too, was, where are all the lezzies? I know they are getting married, and damnit, I know there has to be some yummy vegans among them? And seriously, if this is what a vegan lesbian wedding looks like, who doesnt want one? Hell, it might make you go gay and vegan!

So, apparently vegans are sick of being mistaken for gay by virtue of their veganism. What say you, lezzie carnivores, about being mistaken for vegans by virtue of your lesbianism?

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One Response to The marriage debate and vegan homophobia

  1. Kristy says:

    I have always said people’s weddings should be about them, be it the food, the style, the rituals. The couple’s friends and families should care enough about them to be a part of their dream that day. What kind of a celebration is it when the couple that it is all about are making concessions to please everyone else?

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