Looking for a job that reflects your ethics?

Are you in the restaurant or food industry? Do you feel a little tug everytime you have to serve up a blue rare steak, or a chicken breast stuffed with prawns and crab? Are you looking for work that reflects your values? VegNews.com has a job board with all the latest veg industry job postings with great companies and restaurants like my favourite Peace O’Pie in Boston. If your skills are in the human resources, technology or veterinary sectors, there are jobs for you too! Check out these VegJobs here.

Unfortunately these posting are only in the US. However, for anyone in the Montreal area, the Humane Society International/Canada is currently on a hiring spree! Check out their great postings on charityvillage.ca for a communications director, campaigner, and political officer. Job postings close on August 22nd, 2010.

PETA is also ALWAYS hiring. But, alas, never in Canada. I keep my eyes peeled, but no luck. However, for those of you in the US, Asia, and India, check out these great opportunities.

I’d also like to know how people feel about this?? Do you only work for companies that share your humane/humanitarian/veg values? Do you refuse to even frequent establishments that don’t share your values. People are all over the spectrum on this issue. I recently took a job working in a cafe where the sandwiches sold are very meat heavy. I drew the line at working somewhere where I don’t have to PREPARE any meat based products, but I feel pulled about my complicity. Thoughts? Comments? Feelings? GO!

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