The Club I Love, l’anecdote (Montreal)

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At the corner of St.Hubert and Rachel streets in the east end of Montreal is a quaint corner diner with pint size booths, mustard coloured walls, some antique furniture, soda served in glass bottles, and all around classic food. Residents and the workers in the neighbourhood drop in for lunch, waitresses chat with regulars, and I feel like I have found the neighbourhood’s best kept secret. Hurry before the hipsters find out and take it over!

Nestled among the burgers, crepes, and sandwiches on the menu are some vegan gems (or vegan sans the mayo). The club is an absolute MUST TRY! Soft, toasted whole wheat bread, layered with fried white onions and mushrooms, grilled tofu, tomatoes, and lettuce, served up with a gorgeous green salad and frites! It was super, super delicious! There is also a tofu burger which I’ll have to try next.

801 Rue Rachel Est Montreal, Quebec H2J 2H6 – (514) 526-7967
Open Weekdays 7:30am-10pm; Weekends 9am-10pm

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3 Responses to The Club I Love, l’anecdote (Montreal)

  1. Rachelle says:

    mmmmmmmm….it was so yummo!

  2. Kristy says:

    Add this to the list of places to take me next year when I visit.

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