Great Deal: Bamboo Kitchenware 50% off

I love bamboo kitchenware! Bamboo is super earth friendly, a great renewable resource, and is a great replacement for all the plastic I used to own. Not all Bamboo products are made equal though, but after doing my research I found that CORE BAMBOO products are 100% organic, and is dedicated to social responsibility in their business practices.Most importantly, when it comes to bamboo, their glues and paints are food safe (the lacquer comes from cashew trees!). They have a great range of products on their website.

I have been planning to invest in some more pieces for our kitchen for a while, so I was super pleased to find this super great deal on which offers reduced prices on merchandise for a limited amount of time. The CORE BAMBOO sale started today and will only last for one more day. The bowls are all 50% off – so hurry! The prices are great and the pieces are really beautiful. BTR is a member only site – follow this link to join.

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2 Responses to Great Deal: Bamboo Kitchenware 50% off

  1. Kristy says:

    So stoked. Just ordered all the items from the photos above!

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