Shame on Julianne Moore: Bvlgari ad stinks!

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Shame on Julianne Moore and these new Bvlgary ads!

I was so excited recently about Julianne Moore’s new role as a lesbian mom on the newly released film, “The Kids are Alright”, which I am very excited to see despite the much talked about twist, where Moore’s character goes for a guy. Sad. Anyways, all of my happiness and positivity was crushed this morning when Moore’s new ads for Bvlgari were released. Moore’s nude ad campaign for Bvlgari struck me as particularly odd and offensive. In the most recent one she strikes a pose, cuddling two baby lions while clutching a leather bag, which the Bvlgari website describes as a “Pochette in black soft wrinkled lamb leather with antique palladium-plated hardware”, selling for a mere $1,800. In the other shot, priced at $2,150 Moore is clutching what they call a “handcarry bag in silver soft wrinkled lamb with light gold plated hardware”.

I am sure I am not the only one that finds this repugnant, but I am furthermore completely puzzled as to the message Bvlgari is trying to send with these precious little animals in the shot. “We like baby animals for our products”? “Watch out cute little lion, you’re next”?

PETA gets a bad rep sometimes for its nude photos, but I have to say, isn’t it infinitely better than this? And also, isn’t Bvlgari actually using a PETA-esque set up here? I have to admit, when I first saw the ads, I thought these might be eco-friendly, or vegan bags, because Moore is nude and because of the adorable animals in the shot. They are truly reminiscent of PETA ads. The message I got was, “we love animals”, and “we wouldn’t wear them on our bodies”. Is anyone else confused by this? Offended? Delighted? Hell, turned on?

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