Schwarzen”egg”er says yes to cage free eggs in California

A landmark bill was just passed in California today, signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger which will require all eggs produced AND imported into California to come from cage free hens. Bill AB 1437 was backed by the Humane Society of the United States and requires that hens must be “able to stand up, lie down, turn around, and fully extend their limbs without touching one another or the sides of an enclosure”.

Three things are amazing about this: the first is that we actually require lobbyists and bills to ensure that animals are treated with even this tiny amount of dignity; and the second is that I am pleased to see the Humane Society having an impact on this decision, one I hope will put in motion a change across the country in favour of protecting farm animals; and third, is that California voters actually voted for this in proposition 2 last fall which means maybe our message and the work of the Humane Society is making a difference. Too bad they didn’t vote for animal protection AND gay marriage. 😦

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