Ellen’s Chef Makes Yummy Spring Rolls

Last time Chef Roberto Martin was on Ellen, he made some yummy tacos, and he is back again making vegan spring rolls (or as we call them, salad rolls). If I might divulge a secret desire of mine,… I wish Ellen and Portia would adopt me already. Because, really, how cool are they? And how much do I want this personal vegan chef? He is never really making anything mind-blowing or life-altering on the show, but as I mentioned before, Ellen has a willing and loving audience so I really appreciate her exposing people to some common vegan options and showing people how tasty, healthy, and wonderful our food can be!

Ok, but really, this is one of our favourite things to make at home, and they really are so easy and so delicious. It is hard to find really good veggie ones at restaurants to boot, so I really enjoy being creative with them at home. We usually opt for lots of mango and avocado with rice noodles and some chopped nuts.

I think they seem much more difficult than they are to make, so I thought this video would be helpful. I liked some of the things he did, like the black bean noodles instead of rice noodles, and also the dip he made. Often we make peanut sauce with ours, which reduces the “healthy” factor by like a million, so I am going to try this. I also love the black bean noodles, because typically spring rolls are lacking any substantial protein

The recipe is on Ellen’s website, here and you can watch the video below. Enjoy!

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