The Red Lentil (Boston)

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In May, I graduated from Harvard (yeah me!!!) and my family came to Boston to celebrate with me, and I finally tried out The Red Lentil in Watertown, MA. I was always starved for good vegan restaurants in Cambridge and Boston, but I was also a starving grad student so splurging on meals was rare. However, graduating from grad school was a pretty big thing, and after bragging to my sister for months about all the good vegan delights, I had to take her on the tour of all things delicious and vegan in Boston, which included my two favs: the vegan brownies at Crèma in Harvard Square (OMG!) and the fantastic-ness that is Veggie Planet (also in Harvard Square).

So, I have to say, rarely does a veggie place disappoint me, and in general I liked the place, but between the five of us, there were a range of opinions, so I have decided that for this restaurant review, I would give you the spectrum of reviews instead of just my own. Consider however, that among us, there were three carnivores, one vegetarian, and one vegan. Oh, and one breast-feeder.


Ok, so first, I think their website is beautiful which also draws me in. In this day and age, business which either have a) no website or b) a crappy website, lose major points with me. The website mirrors the attention that the owners obviously also paid to their interior and menu design, all things I really appreciate. The bright green of the website, menus, and interior of the restaurant were stimulating and pleasing for me, and I have to admit, play a large part into my positive review.

For starters, we had the Gobi Manchurian, which I cannot say enough good things about. This fried cauliflower dish is divine, and they got all the flavours just right. It easily matches the best Gobi Manchurian I have had in Montreal. So A++. For my main meal, I had the pistachio and herb crusted tofu with corn cake. So, I have fooled around the crusted tofus in my time and I have made tastier versions, but the presentation was beautiful and the corn cake divine. All in all, I like to have a meal out, and I like to have others cook for me, so I really enjoyed this. The other thing I have to say is that The Red Lentil really succeeds at making healthy vegan food, which few other places like this actually do. Lots of places are trying to make faux meats or vegan versions of non-vegan things, which The Red Lentil is not. The Red Lentil serves dishes that I would make at home and be very proud of serving. They serve dishes you don’t need to feel guilty about, but sometimes we go out for exactly the opposite.. right?

Now, for the finale : the desserts were some of the best vegan desserts I have had! We had a fabulous chocolate raspberry cake and then also a chocolate flan that were both divine.


The red lentil is a small place, so it is worth calling ahead to make a reservation. The food was was simple but satisfying.

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One Response to The Red Lentil (Boston)

  1. Kristy says:

    Great pictures. Wish we could do it again…..tonight!

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