My new vegan crush: Lolo of

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So my first vegan crush was Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of Vegan with a Vengeance and Veganomicon, vegan cupcake goddess, and host and blogger of the Post Punk Kitchen. She made my vegan world have sunshine, and sweetness, and life was beautiful once again. She made me love cooking again, she taught me the ways of vegandom, and I raved daily about her veganomicitatiousness. I needed to know everything and read everything I could about Ms. Moskowitz, and pretty much wanted to be her, or at least her best friend and/or lover.

Well, today, vegan blogger extraordinaire, Lolo (aka Lauren Ulm) of came into my life and I am, to say the least, a tad bit smitten with this crafty vegan lady. Rachelle made crêpes for brunch today  – Lolo’s Asparagus Hollandaise Crêpes and Berry Crêpes – and I was totally blown away. I have only had vegan Hollandaise one other time, and have always been a bit skeptical, but this was actually totally divine: rich, creamy, salty, delicious. I have never had the patience for crêpes, hence why it was Rachelle’s turn to make brunch. Also, I have only attempted Hollandaise – the real kind – once in my life and the result was a curdled burnt disgusting sloppy chunky mess. The point here is to say, try this recipe! Also, I highly recommend the iphone app for VeganYumYum which Rachelle has had on her phone for some time now – it really is a great idea since you can find your recipes and ingredients when you are at the store! The app is available at the itunes store for free, just click here.

There are a few reasons I like this girl. First she is 25 and doing what we all really wish we could succeed at. She is like the vegan version of the girl who cooked all the stuff from the “Boooonnn appetittttte” lady. I’m just kidding – it reminds me of Julie who cooked all of Julia Childs’ recipes, and blogged about it, and then got an awesome book deal, and then wrote a book, which was turned into a movie, which is a story within a story within a story. Actually, it only reminds me of that story because she has a food blog, which is actually nothing like “Julie and Julia”, but alas, the point here, is that we should all quit our day jobs and write food blogs, n’est-ce pas? I was secretly quit envious of Julie Powell (of Julie and Julia), and angry that I didn’t have this idea first, but then became doubly angry because of all the dead animals and butter featured in the movie, and at the realization that I of course could never have done that. Alas, Lolo inspires me because she is succeeding at her vegan blog and is bringing vegan loveliness to the world through her GORGEOUS photos and amazing food.

Second reason that I adore her, is that I adore crafty people, and I love crafts, and I love people who pay a lot of attention to food presentation. I equally love people who actually spend time making tiny marzipan sweaters and scarfs for cake and cupcake toppings. I get mocked for these types of things, but she makes it look super cool. She was featured on Martha Stewart for these little guys.

Lolo (which by the way, I also want to change my name to something equally as cute… say we,…. Erer, or Eka, or Jaja… I’ll keep working on it) also published a cookbook which features all of her amazing photos and 100 original recipes. This will be our next cookbook investment. You can buy it on

So, that is my new crush, and I think you will like her too. Happy Saturday everyone!

All photos are property of and Lauren Ulm.

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2 Responses to My new vegan crush: Lolo of

  1. Kristy says:

    Going to try the crepes….and the wasabi avocado salad I saw on her blog.

    • thegenkischolar says:

      Funny, I was actually going to send you that recipe because I thought you would really like it. I think I am going to try it too. But the crêpes are a must. And actually, I recommend making them vegan, because the hollandaise sauce was sooo tasty with the almonds and nutritional yeast.

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