My Greasy Spoon – Patati Patata (Montréal)

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I’ve heard that this place has the best poutine in Montréal, but that is, of course, not why I go. Patati Patata has quickly become my favourite greasy spoon joint in Montréal, and you will soon understand why. If you are meandering around St. Laurent on a hot afternoon, craving something or someplace with some romance à le hipster, or looking for something to pick up to take to the park with you, look no further. Not only are the eats amazing, but if you grab a window seat, the people watching is fantastic. Patati Patata captures, for me, old school working class grunge meets hipster cool, meets just plain ol’ awesome food.

I had passed Patati Patata several times before – a little hole in the wall (quite literally) at the corner of Rachel and St Laurent – often with a long line and a conspicuous looking crowd. Not knowing what they served, I presumed it wouldn’t be my kind of place, until my friend Ashleigh recently advised me otherwise. Typically I don’t review non-vegan or veggie places, but I think this place has something particularly excellent to offer and they are knowledgeable and very vegan friendly. The fact that ‘vegan’ is in their vocabulary is promising in itself.

Patati Patata stands out for me, having worked in the food service industry, as exceptional. It’s unlike anywhere I have ever been, and I enjoy the ambiance and the service staff each time. This hole-in-the-wall vibe works well for them. There are about 10-12 seats in total in the whole restaurant, and typically only two people working. These two are responsible for table service, takeout, cooking, prepping food, and handling cash. And I have never NOT seen this place busy. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner and despite my labeling it a “greasy spoon” they make most all the food themselves and with great care.

I have yet to try every vegan option on the menu, because each time I go back, I opt for the most delicious tofu burger. And here’s the sincher: it’s $1.75. I am not sure what you can get anymore for $1.75, other than a tofu burger at Patati Patata. Yesterday, we shared a basket of fries and two tofu burgers and our bill was $6.75. I’m pretty sure that is better than MacDo. They also offer a veggie tofu assiette and also a tofu scramble on their breakfast menu. Il faut y aller et l’essayer! The burger itself is marinated in a curry of some sort, served on a small bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and hummous. Attention! Careful. It can be served with cheese and mayo, but (another reason I love them) these guys always ask anyways, to determine whether you want it veggie or vegan. I love them. Also, their fryers are only used for the fries, so enjoy!! And the fries are quite divine. I recommend getting the frite et salade combo, because their salad is delicious, so you can have a bit of both!

Update to come once I have tried the other options. But, if you live here or are visiting, depechez-vous!!! Allez l’essayer!

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2 Responses to My Greasy Spoon – Patati Patata (Montréal)

  1. Kristy says:

    One more reason to come to Montreal. It’s late, I’m hungry, I want this tofu burger now! I’ll be sure to put this on my list of destinations for next years visit….however I WILL be trying the poutine with my tofu burger.

  2. thegenkischolar says:

    Try all the poutine you like. I finally added the photo of said tofu burger. Check it out.

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