“Earthlings” now available on iTunes! Buy it!

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update. I wanted to spread the word that Earthlings, the documentary, is now available to purchase ($9.99) or rent ($2.99) on iTunes. This is a must see, and I encourage everyone to support this film by renting or purchasing it and watching it today, and then recommending it to everyone you know.

There are more details and the trailer on my previous post here.

This message is from Earthlings’ director Shaun Monson (from Earthlings’ facebook page) today:

EARTHLINGS IS AVAILABLE ON iTUNES TODAY!!!!!! Please cross-post and Twitter!! There’s no excuse anymore for not finding the movie. Go to iTunes, search for EARTHLINGS, and please download it. Then write a review! Help us show iTunes what no distributor believed would happen — that there is a worldwide audience for this film. Help us make EARTHLINGS a top seller on iTunes.

Shaun Monson

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