Vegan Sexuality?

I found an interesting article  in the NY Times by Jeff Stryker that I wanted to share with everyone because it has sparked a lot of conversation among my veggie friends, particularly those who date carnivores.

Stryker writes about the newest sexual identity – vegansexuality – and the trend towards vegans rejecting carnivores as partners. In another recent CHOW article, “Single White Vegan Seeks Same: Is it shallow to consider diet when dating?”, author Helena Echlin says we should be more flexible.

Just like I wouldn’t ever date a smoker again, I know I wouldn’t be able to live with and share a kitchen with a meat eater, nevermind raise babies with them. Plus, according to this study, meat eaters smell bad, stating that “red meat consumption has a negative effect on perceived body odor hedonicity”. If my girlfriend started eating meat again, I wouldn’t call it quits, but I would have a hard time starting a new relationship with a meat eater. As a foodie, my life revolves around food, and if I couldn’t share that with my partner, it would be hard enough, but adding to that, having really different values about something like this would be problematic for me.

People are pretty divided though. Is this comparable to inter-religious dating for example? Am I being unreasonable? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.


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2 Responses to Vegan Sexuality?

  1. arielassault says:

    That seems like a matter of preference to me. I guess some people would rather date someone who share their ideals.( I can certainly see the arguments: Will we raise our kids vegetarian? I can’t believe you bought a leather jacket!) I tend to think that relationships are all about compromise. You have to give a little if you don’t always see eye to eye and if you won’t well why are dating again?

  2. thegenkischolar says:

    Thanks for your comment Arielassault. I agree with you on compromise, but where do people draw the line? I ask this out of real curiousity, what are the things we aren’t willing to compromise on? Plus, even if were willing to compromise, are we secretly actually judging our partners every moral choice??

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