Mile End’s Panthère Verte – Montreal, QC

I’m a sucker for a good veggie burger (and since becoming vegan find that even those are hard to come by). I’m also a sucker for the trendy Mild End of Montreal with all its hipster lesbo coolness and endless tasty eats. Each time that I am in Montreal lately though, I end up at my tried and true favorite – Aux Vivres – which I just can’t ever get enough of. So this weekend, after coffee with a friend at the equally pleasant Club Social on St – Viateur, we headed over to the Panthère Verte which was a very pleasant surprise.

Boasting “good food for the urban jungle”, this little walk up on St-Viateur West, features organic, local and vegan lunch foods. They specialize in delivering to their urban and eco-conscious customers in businesses around the plateau and mile-end, but have room for a few in the cafe as well.

We had a combo of the veggie burger with soup and a drink. We had a slightly bland cream of mushroom soup, but the veggie burger was the main attraction! Flavourful, moist, and warm, it is packed into the fluffiest and softest pita pouch I’ve ever had, accompanied by lots of sprouts and carrots and some kind of sauce (vegannaise?). It was fresh, and light, but absolutely delicious. Our lunch companion had the falafel which she was very impressed with, and after looking around on-line, I hear this is the real star, so I am headed back soon to try it.

I love when a place just gets it right, and keeps it simple. The menu features only several options, including a tofu steak and tempeh, with the choice to make it a soup or salad combo, but so far the few options seem to be hits.

If your company orders lunches, tell whoever is in charge to try this place out. The carnivores in the office will not be disappointed! Or if you are in the Mile End, and have a hankering for something quick, healthy and utterly satisfying, head to Panthere Verte.


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