Veggie Femmes – Our Story

Welcome to Veggie Femmes!

I started this blog to tell about the journey, the food and the lives of two stellar hot veggie femmes. Everywhere I go, and (almost) all my meals are shared with my lovely and gorgeous girlfriend Rachelle. We share a love of food that goes back to the days when we first met, waitressing in a cool little place in southern Alberta, about three years ago. We fell in love. With each other. And with food. Shortly thereafter, despite our immersion in fine dining and its glorification of all things meat and all things exotic, we turned veg and began to explore the great underworld that is vegetarianism and veganism. We have since moved to Montreal and Boston where veggie delights awaited us in quantities unimagined in beefy Alberta.

We love to cook, and we love to eat out (ha!).  So I plan to bring you our favorite recipes, and dish (ha! again) on what’s happening in the restaurants we visit. I’ll also bring you the veggie news from around the world.

So come, eat, explore, and revolutionize the world with us!


 The Veggie Femmes

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